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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Signing up for presentations; setting up your blog

You may notice that one of your colleagues has already put in a bid for a particular presentation topic. If anyone else would like to do the same, either leave a comment here or email me (jones at unbsj dot ca). Otherwise, I hope that we can sign everyone up during the first class.

You might also notice that there is already one course blog listed in the blogroll, to the left. Feel free to go ahead and set up yours. If you have an existing blog of some sort you may of course use it, and if you have preferred blogger software and/or a server, feel free to use them. Otherwise (and this will be most if not all of you, I imagine), the easiest thing to do will be to set up a blog at There is free hosting at, the default setting for Blogger. Go to the site and follow the instructions (be sure to record your password, user name and title exactly, and give some thought to each beforehand). The main difficulty you are likely to face in this very straightforward process is that the name you have chosen for your blog, for your user name or for your URL (internet address) may have already been taken by some other enterprising blogger.

You may chose to blog under your own name or under a pseudonym, particularly if you have any concerns about online security. Either choice is fine as long as the other members of the group know who is who.

We will discuss this more in class. I anticipate that some of you will be anxious or sceptical about weblogging, and I look forward to trying to convince you otherwise.

For blogging tips go here.


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