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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mary Pix


There is not a lot of material on Mary Pix, either in print or online. Perhaps you could consider, in your blogging, why that might be? Why is it that Behn, Cavendish, and others are academic growth industries, while Pix is not?

Here is what I managed to dig up, after much too much time spent looking:

Mary Pix (1666-1709): some biographical information

The Spanish Wives (1696)
An acting version of The Beau Defeated (1700)
Restoration Theatre Song Archive, including songs from seven plays by Pix
The Restoration Comedy Project

Contemporary productions of Pix's plays:
Review of 1997 production of The Innocent Mistress
Info. and photos about a 1995 production of The Beau Defeated, by Pix.
Photos from a 2001 production

And, because of the paucity of the above:

Commentary on the theatre:
Excerpts from Jeremy Collier's A Short View of the Immorality, and Profaneness of the English Stage (London, 1698)
An Essay of Dramatick Poesie by John Dryden
An article by Richard Steele in The Spectator in which he comments on women playwrights

Some general links:
Restoration Theatre
The World of London Theatre, 1660-1800
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama: images of theatres
Theatrical London, 1762 (map)


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