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Monday, January 29, 2007

So long, farewell

Folks, the marks are in and your papers are wending their way up the river to the Grad. English office. I wrote on them but am more than happy to correspond or sit down with anyone who wants to discuss their work in more detail. They were, to a one, a pleasure to read, and I would regard it as a favour if anyone who does anything further with theirs, keeps me apprised. Also available to consult, for anyone planning to rewrite.

You have all been most patient, awaiting your grades. A couple of you have asked about my father; he is on an even keel, not in any discomfort, and enjoying a Guinness whenever he can get it. Thank you for your best wishes.

I'm teaching a senior undergraduate course in Restoration/18thc drama this term; it has been designated an Honours seminar and there are some good students, all of whom are blogging. If you find yourselves nostalgic for witty maidens, reformed (or not) rakes, and blocking parents, feel free to drop by.

I really enjoyed our course. You were a great group.

All the best.


Blogger Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear that your father is doing well. Thanks for a great term!

1/30/2007 2:13 p.m.  

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